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Part 62 - Restore

Restorative practice is as important as anything.

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I try to take in a restorative practice once a week. Sometimes it's just not in the cards. But I think it's important to take a day of practice and focus on sinking in.

A restorative practice allows the body to open up and find space without the need to hold a warrior pose for twenty minutes. It's not that restorative practice is easy. In fact, I find a restorative practice to be quite difficult at times.

Sometimes it's hard to slow down the pace and settle into a pose. Sometimes the mind races. Sometimes the bolster wants to fall over.

That said, I think it important to make time for restoration. Allowing the body to settle. So, today is a restorative day.

Kim and I had a nice long walk this morning. The walk took us over to Nashville Fairgrounds and the monthly flee-market. We stopped for coffee twice and we walked up every hill we could find.

Our walk was invigorating and relaxing. At 3:00 PM I will stroll down 12South to the home studio and take in an hour and a half restorative practice. Maybe I'll see you there?