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Part 61 - Friends

Sharing leftovers with friends is a good thing.

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Today was damn near perfect.

Kim and I took a long walk. Down 12South, across Wedgewood, through Hillsboro Village, up Belmont, and back to 12South. Cerulean blue skies and wispy clouds. Slight breeze and a hint of chill. It was a perfect walk. 

When we got home, I called Tony and Iris and invited them to come share a meal with us. Early bird special with cocktails and dinner.

Menu -

- French Onion Soup

- Cauliflower Puree

- Shaved Brussels Sprout salad

- Turkey Leg Confit

- Home Crafted Cocktails

We sat, the four of us, at kitchen counter and worked our way through laughter, drinks, meal, and a couple bottles of wine. It was a perfect dinner.

I made it to the six AM yoga practice at the home studio, Liberation Nashville. Allie worked us through a series of poses. We faced back wall of studio, the east facing - towards rising sun - wall of windows. It was a perfect practice.

All in all, the day was pretty much perfect.