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Part 51 - Sit

A few thoughts on sitting.

· yoga,mind,joy,consistency

"There is nowhere to arrive except the present moment."

- T. N. Hanh

I drove yesterday. I drove a lot. Witnesses don't usually live in convenient places, at least in my experience. Witnesses live way out in the country, off county road ... down Farm to Market road .... past the ...

With all this driving I had a little while to think. I like to sit - sit in the meditative use of the word. I do not like to sit - as in sit in a car for hours on end. I prefer to stand. I prefer to walk. But - I also like the practice of finding joy in the present moment, which I try to do whilst driving.

I've been on the road now for about ten days. I've worked at least 10, usually 14, hours each of those days. I have managed to demand at least 30 minutes of movement from myself. It's a minimum, a self imposed minimum, of time allocated to yoga. I've stuck with that. I have not, however, stuck with the meditation. 

The last road trip where I neglected to meditate ended in, well, it ended badly. I'm willing to own my part of the bad there. I allowed myself to be sucked into someone else's drama. I allowed this because I did not allow myself time to take care of me. I allowed this because I was out of the habit of sitting. I allowed this because, I'm human.

I should reach home tomorrow morning at a decent hour. I will take the time to go and sit. I'll also take in a nice long yoga class at my home studio.

I do not have a desk at home. I don't have one at the office either. If I have to sit and write, I usually do so in a comfortable chair and a small table. I try to spend as little time there as possible. I prefer to stand. I prefer to walk.

I'll keep working on this meditation routine. I'll keep trying. Or maybe I'll keep not trying. I'm overthinking it now.