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Part 50 - Names

You say tomato ...

· joy

I have a notion that Texas is a geographic oddity. It seems every town is about two hours from something, usually the place you need to be. I've become fascinated with Texas town names.

Ugly - I once heard of a town called Ugly, Texas. I can find no record of it, but I haven't looked too hard and I have hope.

Bronte - pronounced BRONT. Who knew?

Colorado City - Pronounced call-uh-RAY-doh. Again, who knew?

Eldorado - Pronounced el-duh-RAY-doh. I'm seeing a pattern.

Veribest - Pronounced very-best. Misnomer.

Happy - Pronounced HAA-pee. No.

Cut n Shoot - Pronounced cut-n-shoot. There's gotta be a story here.

Nameless - Pronounced NAm-less. Couldn't make up their minds.

Earth - Pronounced Earth. Every time I go through this town I want to stop and yell, "People of earth."

There are more. Many more. But these are the ones I'm familiar with.

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