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Part 4 - Mentors

Always take a minute, or several (or even - preferably - hours) to listen to those who've been around longer.

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I had dinner last night with a long time friend and his lovely wife. He has been a constant source of laughter and comfort for me. She has always seemed, somehow, peaceful and copacetic with pretty much ... life.

She was thrilled to learn that I'm in the process of studying yoga from an instructor's point of view. He was intrigued. He and I have been friends for a long time. He, I fear, knows me well enough to be suspect.

The funny thing is, and I think this may be indicative of a thing in the "yoga space."

We've known one another for years now, more than 20 less than 30. We've never spoken about yoga. He's had a daily practice for 35+ years. She's been a teacher for more than 20. I've been practicing (off and on) for a little over 6 years, daily for the past 235+ days.

We've never spoken of yoga.

Strange? Yeah, but not - in my experience - unusual. There's a language we use in this space - when we're in the room, in the fold, among the "tribe." But on the street, out here in the "real world" we tend to use normal language, avoid the lexicon of the practice.

I'm not making anything more than an observation, just pondering the how and why of when we choose to talk (or not) about our yoga practice among friends, new and old.