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Part 314 - Meditation

You really can take in a few minutes of meditation anywhere.

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Yesterday I was waiting on a few subpoenas to be issued. I checked with the court clerk and they said, "Not ready yet." I gave them my contact info and asked to be called when they were ready. I returned to my car, which was parked in a lot. I had several hours left on the meter. I sat and made a few work phone calls. I checked email. I did a little witness research.

After the first hour of waiting. I gathered my mala beads and took the chance to take in a few minutes of meditation. I sat comfortably. I started with a mantra. I counted breath and then I moved to the mala beads. I made several rounds of the beads. 108 breaths. Pause at the guru bead for a mantra. 108 breaths.

It was a fantastic and useful meditation. Give it a try. Sit where you are. Breathe. Let go. Find - allow - calm.