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Part 313 - Injury

I've been hobbled for a while. I'm back. Here's what happened.

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August 1, 2018, I took in a strong yoga practice at the home studio. I felt a bit of pain in my left wrist. The pain was tendonitis. It has been a constant companion for several months. I allowed my ego to push me into more difficult and stressful poses than my wrist should have been put through. The pain was intense, but not what I'd call acute.

Later that day, after making a grocery run, I made the unwise decision to make one trip from the car to the house. I snaked all of the bags onto my left wrist and walked to the door. Somewhere between car and door, I felt and heard a pop. That was about 4:00 pm. By 7:00 pm, the pain was acute and wrist had taken on the look of a softball.

Doctor said it was likely a torn tendon (or two), but he wouldn't be sure until the swelling went down and allowed for a more thorough examination. That took about four weeks. Upon second visit, I learned that it was a ganglion cyst. Unfortunately for me, the cyst is inside and on top of the wrist joint. It still hurts.

I was unable to type for the past several weeks. I can type now. Not well. Not comfortably, but it's time to start using this thing again.

I've missed this outlet. I have tried several times to reengage here on the ECP blog, but found the typing to be too much. I'm back.