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Part 288 - Leisure

A late departure allows for a leisurely stroll.

· mind,joy

Kim and I took our time getting ready today. We were out of the house, battened down and prepped for the cleaning lady, at about 9:00. Our flight departs at 2:45. We took in a breakfast. We took in a stroll through Santa Fe. We shopped, didn't buy. We watched. We strolled.

We took a detour into old town Albuquerque. It's old. It's quaint. There's a building there that was built in 1707. You should check out old town. Yes, it's touristy. But it's pretty cool.

We made it to ABQ in plenty of time to board our flight. We were in airports and airplanes all day.

I found a spot to sit and be quiet. I found a spot to move through a few poses. Today is a total MDR day. Take it where you can get it.

We reached home at 11:00. We were tired. We were hot. We were done. Shower. Bed. Done.