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Part 286 - Friends

When you gather people around you, make sure they're good people.

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We all gathered at an adobe home in Santa Fe for the weekend. Kim and I made our way here from Nashville. Frank and Tiffany, from Ft. Worth and Dallas. Dan and Ginger drove up from Lubbock. Chantha and Clara, Cambodia - by way of Nashville.

We shared dinner last night at El Mesen, a Spanish joint with amazing tapas and wine. We came back to our home for the weekend in an Uber. We sat on the veranda and told stories, laughed, and got on the other side of a few more bottles of wine. It was a lovely night with stars and chill and crisp air.

I woke this morning in darkness. There was a hint of a horizon over the Sangre de Cristo range. It grew into full sun and crystal blue skies by 8:00. I drove Chantha and Clara to the Santa Fe International Folk Art Festival. Dropped them off and took a quick detour by the local Albertson's to provision for the day. Coffee, veg, milk, water. You know - the necessities.

Everyone is still asleep. I've been enjoying the sunrise and coffee on the veranda. Today has potential. Today feels good.

I'll lead the group through the poses later this morning.