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Part 235 - Patience

Nature does not act in haste.

When you make efforts to manifest things into your life, have patience. Nature does not act in haste. The things you want in your life are already there. All you're doing is acknowledging them. Since we know that time as we know it is an illusion, have a little patience.

The things you want are there. You just have to get to the place where they are present for you. Rest. Trust. Be grateful for them. They're already here.

A little over a year ago I set a goal to lose a certain amount of weight. I focused on the part I needed to get rid of. It didn't work so well. At some point, I focused on the work. I enjoyed the yoga. I relished in the exercise. I shifted my focus from "I need to lose X pounds" and started seeing myself at my personal ideal weight.

At the time, I was heavier that I wanted to be. But I started to visualize myself at my preferred weight. I posted pictures of people who looked like I wanted to look. I started to see myself looking like them. I quit thinking about the part I wanted to lose and started thinking about who I really was. Truth be told, it was there all along. I just had to allow it to show.

I found things about which to be grateful. I identified the joy in movement. I noticed the strength improving. I noticed. I was grateful. I am grateful.