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Part 218 - More

No Mas por favor.

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Part of showing up to do your work is being prepared. Bring more to the table. Ask less of others.

When you are offering a presentation, bring everything you need. Need a projector? Bring one. Need a screen? Bring one.

When you show up, know your tools. Know how to plug the projector in. Know how to attach the clicky thingy.

Every time I show up to work unprepared, things go wrong. There's the time I went to Waco to interview some people. I left without my trusty voice recorder. It's part of my process. I use it every day. I just forgot to pack it. Things went wrong on that trip.

The person with whom I was working "fixed" the problem for me by suggesting that I use my phone to record the interviews instead of wasting time and money on a new voice recorder. I should have just gone prepared, or at least gone to buy a new voice recorder and stuck with what I knew.

I never assume that someone else will have the supplies I need (or want). I like a certain brand of pen. When I show up to work in someone else's office, I bring my own pens.

When I show up unprepared, I cause other people to rush around and try to solve my problems.

Please, stop creating work for the people around you. Just show up ready to do your work. Bring the tools you need. Know how to use them.