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Part 217 - Ask

Just ask.

I watched a friend struggle the other day. She had a situation. Her name is Beth (not really).

Beth's son has a best friend, Jake. Jake's mom is a friend of Beth's. Jake's mom sends out invitations for Jake's birthday party. Beth's son doesn't get invited.

Beth then sought advice on social media. The suggestions were - well - they were anything but direct ways to get to a resolution.

Someone suggested Beth ask if Jake could go to the Zoo with her son on the same day as the party. If Jake's mom said, "Beth, you idiot, that's when we're having Jake's party. How could you forget?" Then the lack of invitation was simply a mistake. If, on the other hand, Jake's mom said, "Oh sorry, we have plans for that day." Then Beth would know that Jake is specifically not invited.

There were countless other ideas tossed about.

Here's a thought: Put your ego on the shelf and just ask Jake's mom if your kid is invited. Problem solved.