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Part 213 - Slow

Slow and steady wins.

· yoga,mind,body,consistency,joy

I took in a slow-fow yoga practice yesterday. Donna at the Yoga Mat lead the class through an hours worth of postures. She held each for a decent interval. She worked us into the poses with a methodical, specific, and simple set of instructions. It was basically a back to basics class for practiced yogis.

I love classes like this. First, holding some of the standing poses for a longer time seems to get deeper into the muscles. Second, the time spent on alignment and process makes for a stronger pose and a stronger practice.

I have two more days on the ground here for work. I plan to approach them with the same mindset. Slow and steady.

When I take care to plan the day, think about the tasks and tackle them one at a time, the day seems to be more productive. When I rush and jump focus from task to task, the day never renders as much value.

When I attend a branded yoga studio with some form of vivid flow or fast flow the work never seems to offer as much for the mind or body. I took in a fast flow yoga class in Boston last year. It was so fast (and hot) that there was no way on earth to maintain breath and movement. Yes, I was sweaty. Yes, I was tasked. But the benefit of yoga seemed to be lost entirely.

When I move through the postures in a methodical and thoughtful (mindful) manner, the work is cleaner and the benefits are clearer.

Slow down today. Move through the postures, or your day, with intention - mindfully. See if you don't get more accomplished.