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Part 212 - Water

Water is life.

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Rain poured all day yesterday. At times it came down in buckets. Most of the day it just hung in the air. Misty. Wet. Enveloping.

Water is life. Here in this place where rain doesn't visit often, the rain was welcome. Everybody was thrilled. This morning the trees are already wearing a greener, brighter coat. Sunlight is making everything seem brilliant and vibrant.

I have a bit of a drive today. The sun is predicted to ride high in the sky. I look forward to the trip.

I have three bottles of water in the car. I'll drink them in the drive west. I'll pick up three more for the ride home. The bottles in my car at Topo Chico.

If you've never tasted Topo Chico, you must. It's not sweet, at all. It's actually kinda heavy with sodium. But the bubbles in this water are huge. It fizzes aggressively.

I've heard people talk about the dangers of drinking too much Topo Chico. These same people willfully chug down two or three diet cokes a day. Diet is obviously better than natural. Diet offers the hope of not too much sugar. "It only has half a calorie," they say. "It's sweetened with xenobarbitrolicanalblister serum," they boast.

Here's the thing: Drink water. Drink lots of it. Some of it can be fizzy. The better portion of it not. But drink water.