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Part 19 - Start

Monday morning is a good place to start.

· yoga,joy,mind,consistency

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started."

-S. Clemens

Walking along Belmont Boulevard this morning, before the sun, Orion standing in the southern sky, I had a sense of calm. It's Monday. The first day of a work week. The day everyone drops back into what many call the grind. I was making my way to share coffee with my pal Kenny.

Kenny and I sit on the front planter box in front of his shop most mornings. We watch Nashville come to life. We talk about fishing. We talk about politics (a topic about which we rarely agree). We talk about life. Kenny and I have been doing this for nearly 30 years. Every morning: coffee, fishing, politics, life. Then back home (two miles round trip).

I reached home to find Kim putting clean dishes back in their respective spots, forks and knives in the drawer, plates and bowls above the drying rack. I picked up the task while she dressed for 6:00 am yoga class. We walked together, still in darkness, Orion still standing there, watching.

"Clear sky," Kim said.

"Beautiful morning," I said.

We walked into our home studio, Liberation Nashville, and said our good mornings to Allie. We moved our bodies through a series of salutations and postures: cat-cows, up-dogs/down-dogs, warriors. A pool of sweat. A hint of sunlight in the east.

I'm sitting now, 8:45 am, in my office. The sun is high. Orion has left his post. It's Monday. I have started.