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Part 181 - Notice

The group that notices things. You want to be in it.

· frustration,joy,consistency,food

Tom Bodett ones talked about the GNT, the group that notices things. I like people in this group. I strive to be a member.

In our yoga world the word notice has a specific connotation. Usually it's used to encourage a student to pay attention to where their body is right now. "Notice," she said right after coming out of tree pose on the left. Notice.

In life there's a broader way to view the word notice. Here are some examples of people in the GNT.

That lady in line in front of you at the grocery. She's got a basket piled to overflow with food and snacks and drinks. She turns to see you standing there with an arm basked containing one six pack of sparkling water and a four pack of chicken thighs. She, without missing a beat, says, "You go ahead." She's a member of the GNT.

That person in your yoga class who just picks up your blocks and takes them back to the shelf after a chill class. They are in the GNT.

Here are some examples of people squarely out side of the GNT.

That person who comes to dinner at your house and says, "I can't eat that. It's too hot." You've spent the entire day preparing food for them and they just don't like the dish. This person is also likely to never thank you for opening your home. You may rest assured they will never offer to help with the dishes. They are not in the GNT.

That friend who brings their dog over, "Yeah - I now this breed is known for being unpredictable and high strung, but Beauregard is not like that. He's totally chill." Then Beauregard proceeds to wreck your garden, shit in your yard, and bite the face off of some unsuspecting child who's parents turned their head just long enough to let little Timmy try to pet Beauregard. Beauregard's owner tends to say something like, "If Timmy hadn't been so aggressive, Beau wouldn't never have bitten his face off." After the paramedics patch Timmy's face back together for the ambulance ride to the plastic surgeon on call, Beauregard's owner will leave in a huff. He will not pick up the shit in your yard. He's not a member of the GNT.

It's really not that hard to gain membership into the GNT. As my yoga teacher says, "Notice."