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Part 167 - Minimal

I'm not actually a minimalist, but I have adopted some minimal ways.

· mind,joy

I'm not a minimalist. Almost anyone who knows me will attest to this.

I am a bit of a minimalist when it comes to wardrobe and travel. My wardrobe has shrunk over the past several years. Mostly due to peregrination and the lessons learned about what's actually necessary. I have a couple pair of jeans, a handfull of shirts, and a grand total of four pair of shoes.

When I travel the wardrobe is easy to deal with. I shove some things in a small cary on and I'm off. It's pretty simple.

One of the benefits of traveling this way is the lack of stress about what to wear. I have very few decisions to make about that. There's a blue shirt and a white shirt. Pick one. Move on.

Another benefit is I can move from place to place quickly without too much fuss.

One more benefit: All my stuff is in two small bags. Navigating TSA is simple. Hauling things through the airport, across the tarmac, to the rental car, to the hotel, is much much easier.

If I forget something, a quick stop into a drug store or department store solves the problem. If I need supplies, they're usually readily available. This applies to work travel here in the states as well as hiking across Spain, or hosteling in Costa Rica, or house sitting in Belize. There's almost always a place to pick up that thing you need.

Finally, when I get home after a long trip, my entire travel wardrobe fits into one small load of laundry.