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Part 164 - Monday

Goodby blue Monday.

· joy

Today is Monday. I slept in this morning. Long weekend and lots of people in the house. I slept in and missed the 6:00 am yoga practice.

I edited video most of the day. I went to jail to visit a client. I edited video the rest of the day. It was fun, but I got sucked in, as will happen when editing video or audio.

Kim and I strolled down to Liberation Yoga to take in the 6:30 pm practice with my pal Nick Major. It was splendid. Shaking the normal schedule up is sometimes a fantastic way to see new things and experience new methods.

The takeaway for me today is that I was fully present for all of my activities. While editing, I was deep in the process of telling stories. While visiting with a young defendant in jail, I was there with him. When I finally dropped into the yoga class at end of day, I was 100% there. I found joy throughout the day.