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Part 161 - Goodby

I'm not a fan.

· yoga,mind,joy,friends

My friend Brian is leaving town today. He's found a new job. California.

My friend Brian is meeting us at yoga this morning. After yoga, he plans to hop in his car and drive west. I'm not sure of his plans for the next few days - straight trough or some stops along the way. He's just getting in his car and making his way - at whatever pace - to California.

I'm gonna miss Brian.

For the past year, he has - unbeknownst to him - been a source of inspiration and encouragement. The number of days I got up last year and said to myself, "Fuck, I don't want to go to yoga this morning, but Brian's gonna be there. I only get to see him a few days a week. He's gonna be there. I gotta muster." Numerous - those mornings.

When I hit a full year of daily yoga, Brian was the first person I invited to the party.

He doesn't know it, but he made a difference in my life.

Brian, friend. I'm gonna miss you.

Kim and I'll make it out to visit some time in the next year or so. We will. But Nashville will be lacking a peaceful soul.

We'll make it out to visit. We will. But in the mean time, take care of Brian. We like him.