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Part 148 - Leap

Do it. Now.

· yoga,body,mind,consistency,joy

So you missed the new year's resolution. So it's the middle of the month. So it's not a Monday or Sunday. Who cares?

You don't need a neat and tidy starting time. You don't have to schedule and plan. Just start.

I've had a yoga practice for several years. I tried three years ago to hit the yoga studio for daily yoga. I started on January 1. I had a plan. I scheduled my days accordingly. I failed.

Last year on a random day (Feb 5) I went to an early morning yoga class. The following day, I went again. I did it again and again. I told myself that I would commit to 33 days in a row - a personal pilgrimage of sorts. I made it to the mat every day for 33 days. I've been doing the same for over a year now.

I didn't tell anybody (except Kim, my wife and partner). I didn't post it to social media for accountability. I didn't map out a specific plan. I just started. I held myself accountable.

So here it is. Today. You can take the leap. You can start right here, right now.


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