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Part 14 - Training

Learning never stops

· yoga

I've taken on what I'll call an intro level (200 hour) teacher training course. The first actual class (I attended the anatomy workshop a few weeks ago.) was a sit down, one-on-one with the owner of the school. Her first question was, now that I think about it, perfect.

"What is your intention?" she asked.

I wasn't expecting that question, but it does make sense. My mind being my mind, I cycled through the usual reservations about answering: Well, I'm not planing to open a yoga studio; I'm not going to try to steal your business; etc. Then I realized, she's just asking a question, trying to figure out how to approach the initial course of study.

I finally answered, "I am hoping to (Good lord I hate jargon and "tribe-speak" but ... ) deepen my practice."

My intentions may change with time. But for now, that pretty much sums it up. I am hoping to deepen my practice. I'd like to learn more about this amazing system of physical movement, breath, and mindfulness. I'd like to know some of the history. I'd like to learn how to approach some of the poses with a well-trained eye. I'd simply like to deepen my practice.

I might also like to teach a class or two one day, but - for now - we'll stick with deepen my practice.