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Part 128 - Look

Look deeply.

· mind,joy,consistency,meditation

Taking just a few minutes each day to stop and look deeply can change your world.

Meditation has clear and measurable benefits. There's plenty of science on this. You can read about it here, here, and here.

High powered attorneys employ meditation. Doctors do too. Even billionaire hedge fund tycoons meditate (real and fictional). 

I love time spent in mindfulness. I've learned that a quiet seated meditation is a strong and grounding practice. Even 20 minutes sitting in meditation makes a huge difference.

The place I've come to appreciate a mindfulness practice most is on my morning walks. I try to leave the house each day by 4:45 am at the latest - earlier, if possible. I used to just walk down the street and find my pal Kenny at his shop. Then about a year ago, I started to make the walk and say a quite mantra along the way. Now, I leave the house and take myself into a more mindful walking meditation.

I still make the same circuit. It's still a walk that offers exercise benefits. But when I approach the morning ritual with an eye towards mindfully walking, in a more meditative way, my day starts out much more focused.

Many buddhist monks speak about mindfully living. Taking the time to complete each task with mindfulness. I'm learning to do this more often. Work becomes more joyful this way. Chores become more enjoyable this way.

I plan to work on mindfulness more this year.