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Part 12 - Early

The trick to a daily practice is joy in the moment.

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"If you aren't in the moment, you are either looking forward to uncertainty, or back to pain and regret."
- J. Carrey

Some moments are better than others, but they're all we have. The trick - I think - is to find the joy in moments, regardless of whether they're the "better" kind.

This morning (Day 246 of a daily practice — I know the number because I pre-numbered each day in my calendar in February. I'm not obsessing. Really. I'm not.) I experienced a "boy-it-would-sure-be-nice-to-stay-here-in-this-bed-and-continue-snuggling" moment. I found joy in that moment. Then I got up.

I found joy in my first cup of coffee. I share that with a friend every morning, usually between 4:15 and 5:15 AM. I found joy in the stroll down 12th Avenue from our home (I have an attachment to the home, by the way. I have attachments. It happens.) to our home studio, Liberation Nashville. I found joy in a somewhat brutal practice at 6:00 AM. I actually found a great deal of joy in that early practice.

Allie, the young lady who's graciously taken over the early morning class on Mondays, was there to abuse me in that amazing way she does with the abs and - the abs. No one else showed up for the early practice. De Facto private lesson!! Joy!!!

I think the idea of finding joy, the notion that it's possible to find - even a hint of - joy in moments that are (somehow) not "better," is helpful. To be honest, the early practice - getting up at that hour, walking down the street at that hour - didn't seem like a place I was going to find joy, at the time. But there it was, waiting for me. Joy!!!