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Part 115 - Talk

How do you talk to yourself?

· yoga,mind,consistency,joy

The language you use to speak to yourself can change the way you feel.

About a year ago I started reciting a mantra on a daily basis. I usually recite it whilst walking in the morning. When I don't get the chance to take a walk, I find some time during the day to say the mantra. I make sure to repeat it at least 100 times. Does it help? Usually.

It's pretty clear that self talk is one of the ways to build yourself up or wreck yourself. I like to focus on the building up part. Sometimes, I catch myself in negative talk. I try to stop when I notice it. I try to replace the negative with something positive.

My mantra is mine. I use it daily. I do not share it with anyone. It is mine and mine alone. You can craft your own, if you like. You can find a mantra that already exists. You can build yourself up daily.

You may feel silly. You may find it a bit laughable some days. You might find that some days your mantra is the only thing that helps you get through. You might find that some days your mantra seems hollow and useless. Say it any way. Say it 30, 50, 100 times a day. Batch them together for a trance-like recitation. Spread them out throughout the day for a more steady practice. I'm not sure it matters how you approach your mantra, just approach it. Do it with commitment. Do it with consistency. Say the mantra every day.

If you're religious, you can recite the Rosary. If you're not, you can make up your own. You can steal one from the pages of Patanjali. You can borrow one from Siddhartha. You can receive one from your guru. Up to you. But get yourself a mantra and say it over and over. Learn it. Love it. Stick with it.

The language you use to speak to your self can change the way you feel.

Speak kindly to yourself. Do it with intention. Do it with consistency.