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Part 117 - Be

Remember to be here now.

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To take in a daily practice of yoga is to commit to a course of action. It's an investment in yourself. It's an investment in your world. Taking in a daily practice leads to a more mindful way of being. It just does.

I've had a daily practice for almost a full year now. Every day. To the studio. In the hotel. At home. Every day.

The biggest difference I've noticed since taking on a daily practice is the increase in mindfulness. I find meditation to be more accessible. I find myself noticing more. I find that moments are precious. I find that the more distant the practice seems, the more fulfilling it is. When I have to make time. When I have to find time. When I have to carve out a few minutes for the Minimum Daily Requirement (MDR) of yoga, I get so much more out of the practice.

Movement in a mindful manner is a lovely thing. Movement with intention, placing the foot instead of letting it fall. Placing the hand instead of plopping it down. Allowing the arm to rise - gracefully - instead of stabbing it into the air.

It took me several months to get my head around the idea of intention in this way. Once I did, my movements became more fluid. My thoughts became more fluid. My awareness became more intense. Practicing with intention is a way of being here - now.

Make an investment in your world. Try a daily practice. Try it for 21 days. Try it for 30 days. Try it for 33 days. I started with a commitment to 33 days in a row. I haven't missed a day since. Take in a daily practice. See what it can do for you.

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