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Part 118 - Inclusive

Yoga is for everyone.

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My friend Raquel Bueno is a yogi. She owns my home studio, Liberation Yoga. She is a lovely, thoughtful, and caring friend. She approaches yoga with a playful eye. She moves students through poses in a way that is accessible, yet as engaging as you like.

Raquel has a notion that yoga is for all. Anyone can practice yoga. Anyone can benefit.

I have a friend who's a lawyer. He does not look at all like a yogi, but he takes in a practice when he can. He and I have spent hours talking about the myriad benefits of our individual practices. He loves a hot class. I do not. He likes Bikram. I don't know it. I love a long vinyasa flow. He does not. I like a restorative practice. He finds that tedious. We both have a practice. We both love our practices. It's all good. Yoga is for all.

I took a class several months ago from a larger woman. She was pushing six feet tall. I'm guessing she was around 180 pounds. She was not what some would picture as the typical yoga instructor. Her class was amazing. She moved her body through a series of poses - graceful and lithe. She encouraged us into poses that we might not have normally tried. She gently coaxed an intense practice and a sturdy flow from a room full of people. Yoga is for everyone.

There's a guy I've known for years. He's 70+ years old. He's thin and happy. He walks every day. He takes in a daily practice of yoga. Yoga is for anyone.

There's a girl I met this past year. Her family is from India. She is very much American. She grew up near my hometown in West Tennessee. She came to yoga as a child. She is - it would seem - the perfect yogi. When I take in a practice next to her, I feel her energy and joy at moving through the poses. Yoga is there for us all.

There's my pal since childhood who called the other day to ask about yoga. He wants his daughter to get some private instruction. He mentioned a passing interest in "stretching." He and I have known each other for most of our lives. He is one of my best friends. I think he's about to take up a practice. Maybe not. Either way, yoga will be there for him - when he's ready.

My pal Raquel is hosting a one day yoga festival, The Yoga Inclusive. You should find time to join her. You should make time to join us. I'll be there. All day. Taking in the benefits of yoga.