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Part 98 - Past

The past is gone.

· yoga,mind,consistency,joy

Start. Start now. Right here.

I used to obsess over the mistakes and failures of the past year. I used to review. I used to recap. I used to ...

I still find it useful to take a few minutes to recap and reflect on lessons learned. I do not, however, indulge in rumination about the past year any more.

I used to get all caught up in New Year's resolutions. I don't anymore.

Couple of thoughts -

First: The future is not here, nor will it ever be.

What we have is now. So, instead of making a resolution based on a specific date, how about just making the change (Whatever the change is) now?

I committed to a daily yoga practice for 33 days in a row on February 5, 2017. I had just returned from a trip abroad. I was ready. I committed to 33 days. I started. Right there. I'm 328 days into that 33 day commitment. I didn't plan to keep the practice this long. I didn't think about it when I was starting. I just started.

Give this a try: Skip the resolution.

Start today. Start now. Whatever the change you want to make, start now.

No need to give too much thought to how you got here. That doesn't matter so much as, you're here. So start.

No need to obsess over the mistakes and failures (we've all made them and we've all had them). They can be instructive, so don't pretend they didn't happen, but don't obsess. Acknowledge. Move on. Start.

Start now. Right here.

You want to set a date in the future. You want to make a resolution and plan for it. Why? There's absolutely no reason to wait another day.

Start here. You've got this right here. You've got now.

Not so much tomorrow.