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Part 96 - MUSIC

Music and food and friends are necessary.

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"Without music, life would be a mistake."

- F. Nietzsche

Last night we hosted the fourth annual Halcyon House Guitar Pull Pickin Party Play for your Supper. We invite several friends. We fed them 100% homemade food - good food, amazing food. Some of our friends write music. They played.

Last night Jason White, Joshua Black Wilkins, David Mead, Paul Burch and Jack Silverman all hauled guitars to our house. They took turns. They played together. They sang. They played.

We ate Caldo Gallego, Lentil Soup, and a variety of homemade bread snacks. We all sat about the room and the house and listened. They played.

At two o'clock this morning, I was washing the last of the dishes. I was humming the song Nashville, by David Mead. I was smiling.

I feel pretty lucky to have such an amazing and talented bunch of friends. They come to the house. We break bread. We laugh. We tell stories.

They play.