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Part 79 - Light

This little light of mine ...

· frustration,mind,joy

The light at the corner of 12th and Paris casts a yellow circle. The stop sign on the north east corner blocks just enough light to throw a human shaped shadow on the wall. At 4:30 in the morning, this shadow always looks like someone lurking behind me. I see it every day. Every day it freaks me out. 

I rarely see people on my morning walks. It's just a bit too early for most. On Belmont there's usually a jogger or tow. Sometimes a pair of cyclists ride by, chatting - flashing lights and reflective gear and all. But for the most part, I'm alone. I like that. I like the time to think and walk and not fret too much.

The light in human hearts casts a brilliant circle. There may, on occasion, be shadows - there will. They may, on occasion, seem like something lurking behind us - they will. They show up every day. They always freak me out.

I tend to see the light in other people.

There's a saying in yoga, "The light inside me acknowledges and is grateful for the light I see in you." I like this saying.

While some people seem to carry a pall - a coffin's cloak - around with them, I can usually see the light. I'm always grateful for that.

There are shadows dancing around the political sphere these days. Some of the actors in the farce of politics cast a certain pall. They hint at the darkness, of which Conrad wrote. I'm disheartened by the willingness of people to elect pitiful examples of humans to office. Today Alabama will vote. I have a notion (I pray I'm wrong.) they are about to elect a senator with a heart of darkness. We'll see.

In the mean time, I'm going to keep looking for the light.

They say all politics is local. I'm focusing on those human beings near me. I'm focusing on the people in my state, in my city, in my neighborhood, in my office, in my life. They all cast a brilliant circle of radiance.

The light inside me acknowledges and is grateful for the light I see in you.