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Part 64 - Walk

Walk it off. Walk away. Walk with me. Walk your path.

· yoga,body,mind,consistency

I walk.

I walk a lot.

I walk every day, at least a couple of miles. I walk in town. I walk in the woods. I walk along trails. I walk through fields. I walk. I walk a lot.

I walk for exercise, but that's not why I walk.

I walk for cardio, but that's not why I walk.

I walk for clarity, but that's not why I walk.

I walk because walking is a thing one can do year round. I walk because walking requires no special equipment. I walk because walking allows me to check out and check in, either or both. Kids walk. Elders Walk.

Walking is work. A body burns calories while walking. One may burn more calories in a shorter period of time with running, but work is work and given enough time, one can walk off as many calories as one who runs. A calorie being a unit of measure for energy consumption, the math is pretty simple. Do the work, burn the calories.

If running is your thing, I'm not trying to win you over to my way. Run. You do you, boo. I'm gonna walk.

Walking is pretty low impact. It's much easier on the joints and connective tissue than running. Walking can burn your muscles, but it rarely - if ever - destroys bones.

I have a friend to whom I look up. His name is Coke. Coke is older than I am. He's happy. He's healthy. He walks every day. He also has a daily yoga practice.

I've done walking meditations. I've walked my way through hours of mantra (Rosary and others).

I've used my walks to process. I've used my walks to quite.

I've used my walks to wrap my head around arguments. I've used my walks to calm down. I've used my walks to pep up.

Walking can be shared, easily. Walking can be a solo practice.

I'm not telling you you should take up a walking practice, though it's not bad advice. I am asking you to consider taking a long walk soon.

Use the walk as you see fit.

But at least take a long walk.