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Part 46 - Driving

Driving takes the piss.

· frustration,yoga,body,mind

I've put a few miles on the odometer this past couple of days. I don't mind driving, but I'd much rather be walking.

Everything in Texas is about two hours from anything. It's a geographic oddity, Texas.

I made the two hour drive this morning and was set to drive all day. Then I realized my neighborhood canvass was in a closed-loop/cul-de-sac subdivision. Perfect chance to combine work and pleasure.

I walked for three hours. Door to door. Knocking. Interviewing. Gathering information. Exercising. Breathing in the cool sunlit air.

I then got back in the rental car and made the two hour drive back to the office.

Driving takes the piss. Find a way to work in some walking when you get the chance.