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Part 43 - Catharsis

Yeah, I know ... now pick yourself up and move on.

· mind,body,breath

I've been trying to put pen to paper (or fingertips to keyboard) for years about the fall mentioned in Part 42. About thirty years, to be approximate.

It finally felt good to get the story out here in the fresh air. I think a visit from my pal Mike, who witnessed the fall whilst eating a sandwich, prompted the memories.

It's always nice to hear from old friends and peers who have nice things to say about the words we put on paper.

So, that story is told. Time to move on, as my friend David Meade would say.

Catharsis is a funny thing. Yes it feels good to let the memory, the emotion, whatever move through you and be set free. But - and I think I'm not alone in this - there's a tendency to linger in the cathartic moment sometimes. So, yeah. That story is told. I'll revisit it, Im sure.

But I'm gonna move on to more present things.

My personal takeaway is this: The past informs, but I'm here now.