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Part 41 - Food

Take the time to make food. Real food. For you and friends.

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I've eaten a lot of shit the past week. It's been good (tasty at least, and kinda fun), mostly. But it's been shit. Just restaurant fare delivered to the table with Las Vegas efficiency.

The Chinese/Mexican joint we found in The Cosmopolitan was an exception to this Vegas rule. The food was as perfect as I've had. Chef Jose Andres has managed to create a brilliant little empire in a city that specializes in mass-troughery. Hats off to him for his beautiful offerings and his apparently huge heart.

I don't wan to pan Las Vegas food too much. There are some really good restaurants there and the chefs and the attendant army of servers, sous chefs, bar backs, hosts, and on and on, provide world class cuisine and service. I do, however, prefer time spent at Halcyon House in my own kitchen making beautiful meals for friends and family.

Tonight Kim and I will dine al fresco on the tiny deck in our exquisite-garden-back-yard. We plan to fill bowls with brown rice, baked tofu, and fresh veg from Nashville's Farmers Market. I've whipped up a small dose of dijon/tamari dressing and the Chateau Loumelat Cotes de Bordeaux is already a third spent.

It's no secret that I love food. Am I a foodie? Some would say yes. Do I call myself that? No. I just love good food. The food that I adore the most is that prepared with love and care.

I have some things to thrown in the oven now. So, go - look up a recipe and make something with love and care. Share that with someone you love.