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Part 37 - Halloween

Today is my birthday.

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Today is my birthday. I'm off to walk the streets of Las Vegas with Kim and then to a 9:30 am practice. I may not post more today.

Had to post a little bit more. First, I've gottan about a thousand calls and messages today. Thanks for that. Second, the practice Kim and I took in this morning was amazing.

One of the things I love about traveling is trying to find a good yoga studio. Sometimes it's a hit. Sometimes it's a miss. This morning was a hit. The Grateful Yogi Studio in Las Vegas is not on the strip. It's about 4 miles to the west and south of City Center and it is worth the effort to fine this studio.

This morning's practice was lead by Stephanie. It was billed as a "beginner yoga" class. Some might shy away from such an offering: It's not intense enough, It's not hard enough, It's not hot enough. You know what? It was enough. Just enough. I find beginner classes, or basics classes to be a little bit like a ball player working on fundamentals.

Baseball players still take batting practice. Basketballers still work on dribbling and shooting drills. Footballers work on basics all the time. Why shouldn't yogis do the same? Not every day is "game day," nor should it be. Sometimes it's good to go back to basics and work on the simplest poses. Alignment. Deepening. Breathing.

I'm starting a new year in the life today. I plan to take in a basics/beginner class at least once a week. I loved the practice this morning. I found it helpful.

Go now, find some time to work on fundamentals. Do it now.