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Part 306 - Opportunities

You kinda have to follow the opportunities. At least take a look.

I'm considering an opportunity. I am not in any rush. I am not in any way tied to an outcome.

I'm looking into a new business. I'm considering. I'm analyzing. I'm enjoying the process. It may be amazing. It may not work out. Either way, I'm having a good time exploring.

Sometimes opportunity knocks. Sometimes, it just passes nearby. Sometimes you just don't see it.

I have a long term plan that involves transitioning from my current profession to something completely different and totally unrelated. I love my work, but am under no delusion that I can do it for another 20 years. I have ten, maybe twelve years of this work in me. It's taxing and it's emotionally difficult. My plan includes taking a passion and sharing it with others.

My plan is not cast in stone. My plan is pretty open. My plan just got a little more grand. This opportunity may quicken the plan. It may not alter it at all. I'm not attached to any certain outcome. I'm enjoying the process.

We'll see.