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Part 268 - Wrong

How to right a wrong.

· yoga,mind

When you do the wrong thing - sometimes knowingly sometimes unwittingly - there is one sure fire way to right the wrong.

Apologize. Find the person you've wronged and say, "I'm sorry." They may not forgive you. But that's on them.

I had a situation several years ago where I entered into a business agreement with a friend. (Red Flag #1). He was going to do some contract work. I asked him what he wanted to charge. He said, "We'll figure it out." (Red Flag #2). We talked about a fee for the work. I assured him I'd pay the fee. When the job was completed, he asked for twice the amount I remembered us discussing. (Red Flag #3). I sent a quick note via email asking something along the lines of, "I remember the fee being about half that. Did I miss something? Let me know."

He responded with an angry text. I sent him the additional fee via venmo. He declined to accept it. I didn't hear from him for several months. He was angry. I apologized. He didn't respond.

I ran into him at a coffee shop a few months ago. We chatted. There were other people there, so the conversation seemed cordial. I sent him a text that afternoon saying how good it was to see him and chat. He never responded. Apparently, he has a desire to remain upset. That I can not help. That's on him.

You can only do what you can do. After that, let it go.