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Part 266 - Relax

I took a day to relax. It was good.

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Today is Sunday. Last night was a long night. Yesterday was a long day.

I woke early yesterday, 4:30. Walked to visit with my pal Kenny. I then spent a few hours reading for work. I then spend a little time in meditation and movement. I then shopped for fresh food. I then cooked.

I cooked all afternoon. It was fun. It was good.

Leila and Andy, our neighbors down the street, came by for dinner. We sat on the back porch. We ate amazing food.

I then made the brilliant decision, at about 9:30 pm, to go visit with my buddy Josh at his restaurant. It was a special night there and I wanted to be a part. Josh's wife and I sat at the bar and talked. We talked until late. She gave me a ride home. We sat on the back porch until 1:00 am. It was good.

Today, I am tired. Today, Kim and I drove to brunch. She hunted and gathered lunch. I ordered out for dinner. We didn't do much today.

I was able to take a scant 45 minutes to move through a series of restorative poses at the house. I'm in bed now, reading and working on some small projects. Today was a fantastic day.