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Part 251 - Break

Sometimes you just gotta take a break.

· friends,mind,joy

We've had guests. We've had a lot of guests. Cambodians. Dominicans. Others. It's been fun. It's been entertaining. It's been a period of no alone time. That's the only flaw and it's not a huge one, but ...

I took a break from the chaos today. I dropped some sausages in the sous vide. I gathered my gear and strolled down to the Saturday afternoon restorative practice. I was transported. I usually am. But - today was a particularly transportive event. I was so present as to forget the chaos of home. It was lovely.

I continued my spree of quite self-time with a dinner on the back porch of my pal Jason White's home. We grilled. We drank wine. We drank some more wine. We finished three bottles betwixt the two of us. I ubered home.