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Part 244 - Build

Creating a thing out of whole cloth takes time and energy and ...

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We've been busy over at StoryboardEMP building new courses and producing amazing new content. There's a whole ton of material that is in various stages of development. We've got the Camino/Yoga course that is pretty much done, except for the time to, polish, publish and promote. We've got the Robert Benson Online Writing Retreat, which is available here, but again we're suffering from a lack of time to promote. Then there's also the upcoming series on open fire cooking.

We build education from the ground up. We source information from books, travels, and experiences. We travel to crazy places. We read - in depth - on topics for which we're working on producing courses.

All of this takes time and resources. All of this takes research and study. All of this takes a team of people.

I am committed to launching our yoga course this fall. I am committed to launching our open fire cooking course in the spring of next year.

We, the entire team over here at StoryboardEMP, are continuing to put together online courses for professionals and curious people. Stay with us. Bear with us. Creating a thing out of whole cloth takes time and energy and ...

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