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Part 239 - Grill

This thing is gargantuan.

This past week we've been prepping for a new series of education offerings - all about cooking in the outdoors.

We built the first phase of our set for these courses on Tuesday afternoon. Leveled the dining knoll, installed retaining rocks, and set the custom Storyboard cooktop.

Stage is set for ECP and StoryboardEMP's cooking courses.

This set is our new home for a series of lifestyle courses about how to craft meals, experiences, gatherings, and events. Our notion is simple: You can live a fine life in a reasonable budget and a little effort. Building a fire and cooking meals in nature are two ways to craft an amazing life. It's not necessary to have a custom grill and a fancy set up. We've been building gourmet meals over a simple fire pit for years.

We'll start with fire. We'll dive into techniques. We'll share recipes - some borrowed, some original, many adapted. We'll cover appetizers, salads, proteins, and desserts (several of each). We'll take you to the farms, we'll show you how to build the best fires, select the perfect charcoal, and build a box of tools for cooking over the fire.

You will not learn so much about how to "barbecue," there are countless resources online for that kind of fire cooking. You will learn to craft simple, elegant meals over a wood flame. We will share classic french, South Asian standards, a little Spanish fare for good measure, and that's just the beginning of our journey. We'll travel the world on the Dinner Knoll stage.

You can ply your new skills in the campground, at the cabin, and in your own back yard. Stay tuned for more exciting news from the Storyboard Lifestyle Team.