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Part 239 - Expectations

Be careful falling in love with celebrities.

· mind,joy

We walked into the studio with our gear. We set up. I asked Jack White if it would be okay to shoot video while in his office. "Sure, no problem." He said. I had no preconceived notions about Jack White. Don't really know that much about him. He was a super sweet guy.

Malcolm Gladwell walked in a few minutes later. He was also a super sweet guy.

The two of them chatted about Elvis Presley. We gathered audio and video. It was tight, but comfortable.

Jack White told a story about meeting one of his idols a few years back. He said something along the lines of, "It's always risky to meet your idols. Sometimes they really disappoint."

We interviewed one of Kim's idols several years ago. She was sensitive. She was insecure. She was flat out rude. It was a dissappointment to both Kim and me. This person who presents in her public roll as a sweet farm gal from the WPA era, was pretty much an asshole.

I was happy to meet Jack White. I was even happier to gain a little bit of wisdom from this rock star I'd never met. I have one of his records on the turn table tonight.