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Part 231 - Thanks

Linda Hawks, thank you for your service.

Dear Ms. Hawks,

I approached your room with fear in my heart. Mom warned me. "You better be ready to give it everything you have." I have a notion strings were pulled. I'm glad they were.

I approached you room with fear in my heart. Your reputation. Kids were terrified of you. I still can't figure why.

I approached pretty much everything at that time with fear in my heart. I felt awkward. I felt uncool. I was terrified of life.

I remember walking onto your class. I remember a smile on your face. I remember feeling safe.

Ms. Reasons expected me to be a math whiz. Mr. Gray expected me to memorize presidents' names. You just expected me to learn the language and appreciate it.

Well, I have and I do.

Thank you for your career teaching the perpetually terrified. Thank you for making awkward kids feel safe.



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