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Part 227 - Project

There's a place in Ft. Worth that's totally worth checking out.

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Stacy and Dave Dockins are good people. Together they own and run The Yoga Project. I've only ever met them the one time, but liked them instantly. I've taken in several practices in their Ft. Worth studio. I've loved every one of them.

I'm not a fan of hot yoga, generally speaking. When I practice yoga in normal conditions, there's almost always a pool of sweat about my space. I sweat. A lot. So, hot yoga - for me - tends to be an exercise in trying to get my feet to simply stay on the mat. I've found that a yoga towel makes all the difference.

I generally do not seek out hot yoga. That said: when I find myself in Ft. Worth, I insist on carving out a few hours to move through the postures at The Yoga Project.

What I Like:

Every class I've taken there was balanced and thoughtful. The teachers are competent and they are confident. They lead you through the poses with simple direction and ease. I never get the sense that there's a rush. The hour and a quarter classes seem to last forever, yet they're over too soon. Does that make sense? I'm trying to say the classes are full and challenging, but you feel like you could go on forever.

Yes the room is hot. But it's not too hot. I watched lady in front of me one day who had a river pouring off her foot in tree pose. I did too. But it didn't feel like I was going to pass out - just cleansing and exhilarating.

Facing east, you take in your practice overlooking the Trinity River. While you're being paced through a series of moves, the wall of windows keeps you tied to the moment. Cyclists roll by. Walkers. Dogs. Wildlife. The river. It's just beautiful. The boutique and entrance area feels like an independent studio, which it is. You'll find the requisite yoga swag. You'll also find cold water, happy people, and interesting art on the wall. It just feels like a home studio to me.

What I don't like:

Nothing. I don't generally write about a studio unless I like something about it. The Yoga Project reminds me of home. I like the people. I like the space. I like the location. I like the yoga, hot though it is.

I've not been to the Arlington studio, nor have I been to the Mansfield studio. I can only surmise that they are equally as lovely as the Ft. Worth studio. I can say - without hesitation - If you find yourself in Ft. Worth for any reason, bypass the branded-chain-yoga offerings and seek out The Yoga Project.