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Part 209 - Balance

Work and Life - how to balance?

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If you're self employed, It's pretty easy to find yourself wrapped up in daily chaos. This MUST be done now. Has to be done now. And this. And that. And ...

These things may be true, but it's not possible for that to be the case all the time.

I attended a yoga class last year in Spokane, WA. The teacher asked that everybody leave their phones in the lockers. "I promise you, It will wait for one hour," she said.

Aside from emergency medical issues and being arrested, most things actually can wait at least one hour.  

Give yourself one hour each day to take care of you. My choice is a once daily yoga practice. If I have more time, I'll throw in a strength training session a couple times a week too. Maybe, if the day is tight, I'll grab the minimum daily requirement of yoga (for me that's 30 minutes) and an additional 20 to 30 minutes to sit in meditation. But since I've been on this road, I've taken at least one hour every day to care for me.

So go ahead, put that cell phone down. Grow a tree.

I promise you, it'll wait for one hour.