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Part 207 - Away

And we're off again ...

· yoga,mind,body,consistency,joy

Sun sneaks in through high windows. Ceiling fan spins, moving stale air. It's not hot, but certainly not cool.

I arrived last night. Frank seared a steak. We ate. We had a couple glasses of wine. We briefed the day then retired.

There's an issue with cars. Frank needs his this morning. Phil is using his truck, what I usually drive when here. We negotiate an uber for frank and I strike out to try and catch a witness at work.

He's there. We sit for an hour. I leave with a signed declaration. I'm often amazed by witnesses and their willingness to tell the story as they see it. It'd be much easier on them to simply pass on the chance to get involved, but they mostly agree to talk. They mostly agree to declare. I'm impressed by this.

I drive north through dense traffic, construction and accidents to find my other witness for the day. She's not there. I try three more times. No joy.

I meet Frank back at his office. We call it a day and stroll down to a little bar behind his office, by the river. We share a few drinks and review the day.

Frank is unhappy that he skipped out on the gym. I'm not too thrilled to have missed yoga for the day. We head home and grab a bite for dinner with another investigator friend. There are phone calls, sushi, and a couple more cocktails. By the time we get back to the house, it's 9:00 and I have a little bit of a buzz.

I head to my room. I roll out my yoga mat. I take a few minutes to move through a couple sun salutations. I'm still a little bit buzzed, but the movement brings me back to a spot of calm. I continue to pace myself through several more sun salutations and make my way to a comfortable seated pose. I twist left and right. I breathe. The body starts to settle. I check the clock and realize I've been moving steadily through a series of poses for just over an hour.

I have found that even drunk yoga has its benefits. While not optimal - certainly not if one is three sheets tot he wind - it can still be a grounding practice. I've seen yoga offerings billed as wine and yoga, or beer and yoga, or some other variation on that theme. I'm not suggesting that as a regular practice, but I think at times it could be fun. Either way, one of the joys of yoga - for me - is it can be done anywhere at any time.