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Part 202 - Hike

A good walk solves most problems.

Well, today was magical.

After a perfect yoga practice last night with MC Yogi, Kim and I grabbed dinner and went back to the Airbnb to sleep. And we slept. We slept the sweet sleep of exhaustion and happiness.

This morning I woke at an ungodly hour. Two thirty and I was wide awake. I managed to return to the land of slumber. It was glorious.

We, Kim and I, woke together at 8:00 am. I dosed a coffee for each of us. We mustered ourselves and made the short haul to Point Reyes Station to enjoy a gentle yoga class with Amanda Giacomini, an artist, a yogini, a lover of life, and an intensely lovely woman.

The yoga practice was a level of perfection not often found in any setting. It was perfect.

We then shared a coffee and a bite at Tobey's Coffee House, which is attached to Tobey's Feed Supply, which is attached to Yoga Toes Studio, which is home to @10000buddhas and @mcyogi. We then returned to our house for the weekend and gathered up clothes and supplies.

Off to Tomales Point and a ten mile walk that defied all expectations.

Wildflowers - fields and fields carpeted with all manner of color.

Wildelife - Elk, of course. Three coyote. Countless birds.

Earth - This spit of land is bound by sea and bay. Atlantic to the west. Tomales to the east. Jagged coast with cliffs and beaches north and south. Unbound blue skies.

We finished the day with a cold cider (Basque cider imported from Spain) on the patio at IP Tap Room in Inverness Park. Then a crazy meal at Sir and Star in Olema.

Pretty much a perfect day.