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Part 197 - Entertain

I love a good party.

· joy,work,friends

Tonight we hosted a dinner party at a local restaurant. The restaurant is The Southern. The friends we hosted are the board of directors of the National Association of Appraisers.

First, the company was lovely. I love this group of professionals. They have worked their way into our hearts as real friends over the past couple of years.

Second, the food was unbelievable. The Southern knocked it out of the park.

Finally, I have the opportunity to use a past life as a career booster. As an investigator, I get to employ my 25 years of commercial due diligence experience in my investigations. The appraiser group we hosted tonight supports me in this venture. I rely on them for consultations in my expert witness work. I lean on them for advice. These professionals, these lovely people are people I count among friends.

We're hosting a conference here in my hometown of Nashville for the next few days. It's an AeL and NAA joint venture. Here's to a fantastic time.