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Part 192 - Pilgrimage

The course of life on earth.

· pilgrimage,yoga,joy

I've made pilgrimage, proper pilgrimage, twice in my life. I will make my third pilgrimage this fall.

The act of making pilgrimage is one of devotion, quietude, and unplug for me. Devotion, for me, is a more an acknowledgement of the universal good than homage to a specific saint or religion. Quietude, for me, is a matter of getting away from the day to day noise - not so much quiet time as time to focus in the moment with the people who are there with me. It may be raucous, but in the grand scheme it feels quiet. Finally, unplug, for me, is exactly what it sounds like - taking a break from incessant connectivity.

Kim and I haven't taken a break for some time. We've taken quick trips to DC and NOLA, but not a several day break just for us. Next week we plan to make a pilgrimage of sorts.

We're striking out on a jetliner Wednesday morning to wing our way to Oakland, CA. Then a quick drive to Point Reyes Station. There, we'll take in yoga practice, we'll take long hikes, we'll eat good food, and we'll drink good wine. This will be a brief pilgrimage, but it is a conscious part of the course of our life here on earth.

We made the decision yesterday, while still in bed - watching the sun come up and scheming. The second I paid for airfare, my heart swelled with excitement.

Give some thought to making pilgrimage. Doesn't have to be to a shrine or a saint, can be anything you choose. Just take some time to get away and consciously direct the course of your life.