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Part 158 - Pain

Some things just hurt. Some things hurt twice.

· yoga,body,mind,joy,breath

We had a bi-weekly pain fest with Joe Johnson yesterday. Kim's been feeling stronger lately. I've been feeling stronger than I have in a long, long time. Joe's pain-o-rama apparently turns up to 11.

The problem with gaining strength is the benefit. You can do more. But by being able to do more, you end up doing more. Today I hit a persona record for push-ups in one day. 160 if your interested. I'm not worried about the number. It's the fact that I could keep going that gets me.

Kim too. She cranked her way through more push-ups than she's ever considered. Push-ups, mind you. Not "knee" push-ups, but plank position to the floor and back up, straight legs and square shoulders. She pushed right on. She kept going.

The genius of Joe is he continues to push. Not too hard. Not in a mean way, but he cranks up the weight. He cranks up the reps. He keeps notching it up. Asking more.

I honestly have no problem with the training or the sheer joe-ness of it all. What annoys me is the lingering pain. I thought recovery would improve along with strength. It does, unless you keep pushing the envelope.

Actually, the recovery has improved, one day of soreness instead of three. But it hurts. It'll hurt for at least two days in a row. I'm curious how yoga will go in the morning.