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Part 154 - Time

There's a time for everything. Find the time.

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"Now, the teachings of yoga."
—Yoga Sutra 1.1

The past year has been a series of early morning practices, for the most part. I found time for yoga in the wee hours of the morning. My home studio, the lovely little spot called Liberation Yoga, offers a 6:00 am class every week day.

This year, the year 2018, I've been trying to adjust my time a little bit. I have some work responsibilities that need tending. I've been taking my early mornings and walking then straight to work. Finding time during the day - noon, 4:30, evening - has been entertaining and enlightening.

The early morning practice is still my favorite way to start a day, but I have found a noon time practice to be rejuvenating. The 4:30 afternoon practice is full of friends, so it's a bit more social. I like that too. If I'm moving through the poses after 6:00 pm, I'm very likely doing it as a solo practice - which can be a fantastic way to end a day.

Regardless, one must find the time to move. I think it's good to do so every day.